It’s time … to consolidate.

It’s time | An article at Lancaster Online shows that the US News & World Report magazine’s “best schools” report has Columbia at the bottom of Lancaster County’s public school systems. State wide Columbia ranks #516 of the 673 schools.

Best high schools | Penn Live‘s article paints a better picture of results rankings; area school systems are dismal statewide and nationally.

its time

Harrisburg, too | “Harrisburg School District finances, threat of receivership is unprecedented: attorney”Penn Live


  1. Actually, you were being generous with the rank. The article does not give an exact rank for Columbia. It simply says it is between 516 and 673. Once they get so far down, they don’t give the exact number. But either way – it is bad.

    • Columbia is one of the 50 lowest rated schools in the state. I remember seeing that statistic in an article re posted here on News and Reviews. I would be thrilled to retract that statement if I am wrong.

      Consolidation isn’t the only answer; property tax reform is imperative.

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