Thursday’s news items [ethos; Amazon pays no corporate taxes; How’s that corporate welfare working out for you?; dentistry returning to Columbia & more] – 5/2/2019

Well – that should surprise NOBODY | “Allentown NIZ diverted record amount of subsidies to developers in 2018, while returning less money to state coffers”The Morning Call

Final logos

Well, maybe | “Lancaster Stands Up members discuss group’s aims, ethos”Lancaster Online  [“’We are not the Democratic Party.’ Lancaster Stands Up’s endorsements in races are made based on how members vote, not a candidate’s political affiliation.” — a comment by Eliza Booth. Curiously, a majority of the group’s 2019 endorsed candidates are Democrats.

Starting June 1 | PPL Increases Electric Supply Ratenews release [According to an article at Lancaster Online, PPL’s”residential customers here will pay 7.585 cents per kilowatt hour, the highest price in two years. The present price is 7.039 cents per kWh.”

Dentistry returns | “Family First plans dental office in Columbia, with boost from CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health”Lancaster Online

Some voters? | Profitable Giants Like Amazon Pay $0 in Corporate Taxes. Some Voters Are Sick of It.”The New York Times

Graying reader chimes in with RWNJ rhetoric | “Eliminate the minimum wage (letter)”Lancaster Online




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