“It could happen.” | Actually it does happen in Kutztown.

it could happen

Remember that oft quoted line from Angels in the outfield? It actually does happen in Kutztown PA. This town with a population of just over 5,000 residents actually plays together by coordinating and communicating it town’s array of events and activities. The Borough’s Website is shares lots of important information about many facets of a community – and there’s a regional chamber of commerce, too.

The town’s “Kutztown Community Partnership is a community-driven non-profit organization dedicated to the economic revitalization and preservation of Kutztown. The Partnership serves as a liaison to build community, to forge positive relationships, and to foster cultural and economic collaboration in this historic college town. Kutztown Community Partnership envisions Kutztown as an inclusive community that welcomes all our best efforts: to get an education, to do business, and to live well at every stage of our lives.”


From all outward appearances it appears in Kutztown, people do what they do —teachers teach; barbers cut hair;  real estate people assist people in buying and selling property and insurers insure. Kutztown may not be Bedford Falls or Utopia, but it does not seem to be divisive. And its entities do seem to play well together for the better of the entire community.

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