Today’s election day in Columbia and all across the Commonwealth.

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Today’s the day! It’s Primary Election Day across Pennsylvania. 

If you’re registered to vote in one of the primary parties in Columbia, then do it! VOTE!

You can vote for one of the names on the ballot you’ll get or you can vote for anyone by writing in the correctly spelled name of someone you choose. DO NOT, though, vote a straight party ticket.

You’ve done your homework and you know which candidate for school board director or borough council candidates have your best interests at heart. You’ve no doubt seen lots of smear commentary. You’ve also seen the messages of the candidates who are vested in making Columbia the place citizens can be proud of.

Mark your ballots with the best four (for councillors) or five (school directors) women or men — the ones with no agendas or no motives other than to serve with integrity, openness and transparency — who will stand up for your values.

Do vote tomorrow and walk out of your polling place completely satisfied that you’ve done your job to begin building a Columbia everyone will be proud of.

If you are happy with the way things are — don’t vote or vote for those who are incumbents.

If you’re not, vote differently.

vote them out


  1. Remember, the current council members brought you bigger and better Christmas decorations downtown. This fixed everything and made Columbia the envy of, not only Lanco, but all of PA. Vote to keep the incumbents and even jolly old St. Nick might relocate there.

  2. Breaking news; Santa needs a 650K loan and tax rebates before he can relocate.

    To celebrate the incumbents victory, the drinks are on me tonight. I’ll be buying at the Long Level Brewery on Locust since 301 is too crowded.

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