Sunday’s news items – 5/26/2019

tomorrow – correction today | Columbia Borough Memorial Day Service and Parade – “The Borough of Columbia will hold a memorial service Monday today, Sunday at 1 p.m. The ceremony will be held at Locust Street Park, Locust and Fifth streets. A parade will follow at 2:30 p.m.”FOX43-TV 

school board results2

yuck! | Who put the poo in pools? – Lancaster Online



New digs | “New spot planned for Taco to Go in Columbia”Lancaster Online

SLAPP happy | “How the powerful can use SLAPP lawsuits and muzzle free speech for about $300”The Morning Call

Just like I did? | Veep says “you should expect to see combat”The Guardian

cat shelter grand opening

giant bags

OPINION | “Crazy is as crazy does”The New York Times

“America’s ‘best first job’? | My story of sexual harassment at McDonald’s”The Guardian



  1. Brian,The ceremony and parade are scheduled for today (Sunday), not tomorrow. See borough website or FB page as shared by many. WGAL and others got it right, not FOX43. Not sure where they got their info from. But we did contact them yesterday to notify them of the correction to their error.KellySent via the Samsung Galaxy S8, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

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