Friday’s news items – 6/7/2019

“I think people are tired of development … “ | A quote from this Lancaster Online article: “Conestoga House sale called off in Lancaster Township.”







  1. Development is the reason the combined school and township taxes here in Mannheim Township are almost half those in Columbia and the school performance is among the best in the state instead of one of the fifty worst. Still, the loss of Conestoga House would be a shame.

  2. Lancaster township where the taxes are about thirty percent less. This illustrates another insurmountable obstacle for Columbia and, indeed, most boroughs. There is no space for new development or, what space there is, is seriously compromised by environmental or other issues.

    Too bad someone someone doesn’t give the borough a large tract of useable riverfront property but, what the heck, we can spend eight million on an inaccessible piece of riverfront. That’s bound to fix everything.

  3. Great points, Mr. D … but wait, didn’t someone give the “borough a large tract of useable riverfront property” once a few years ago. Yeah, seems to me someone did and the mayor is reported to have blustered, “Bring in the bulldozers.”

    The borough, didn’t though … it brought in a bunch of bull.

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