Saturday’s news items [Columbia news dominates LNP – Always Lancaster news today; “unsolicited”(?) proposal from a consultant & more] – 6/8/2019

Tuesday’s meeting agenda and packet | Click here to read some of the more interesting items including:

  1. an “unsolicited”(?) proposal from a consultant: “Consider proposal from Kathy McCool for Human Resources Consulting professional services.”
  2. The reports from the borough’s public safety resources. The Police Department report includes statistics like these (a 263% increase in District Magistrate Fines — a 336% increase in Parking ticket Fines — a 9000% increase in No Parking Sign Fees — a 285% increase in Monthly Offenses year-to-date).
  3. The reports submitted by the School Resource Officer are windows into what’s happening in Columbia’s schools.
  4. The last page of the report is an “Update on 132 Locust Street Redevelopment.”

It’s what can happen | if / when people listen to people: “To rethink a church school, a pastor turned to students”The Boston Globe

In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | an article about 14 Lancaster Avenue.6-8 muni brief

In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | an article about a $35,000 grant.6-8 school briefs

Where’s Lloyd? Why he’s “river giddy” in Columbia | “Officials celebrate national designation, announce Wrightsville-Columbia water shuttle: here’s when it starts”Lancaster Online

It’s puffery not unlike a “press release.” | With sentences like this: “The boat will most frequently travel in a one-hour loop with 10-12 passengers to and from the Zimmerman Center.” And this “The water shuttle program will directly connect York and Lancaster counties. In its first year, it will occasionally ferry people from the Zimmerman Center for Heritage in Wrightsville to the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center in Columbia.”

Seriously? | “It will connect the more than 448,000 residents in York and 554,000 residents in Lancaster County as the first passenger boat along the Susquehanna in Pennsylvania.”

Not big news elsewhere | Could not find articles at other local media sites about the event, but Columbia Spy did this and it’s posted at the Susquehanna National Heritage Center facebook page;  the Borough’s facebook page

In neighboring West Hempfield Township | “Lancaster County might be home to the world’s only egg vending machine”Lancaster Online


  1. … and in other news this week,

    Andrew Cuomo, speaking before a gathering of world leaders in Normandy proudly proclaimed, “America was never great.”

    Hillary Clinton speaking to the commencement gathering said, “Democracy feels very fragile.” “The only way to fix it is to rig the Democratic Party nomination process” she added.

    Neither, unfortunately, are (currently) running for president in 2020.

    Joe “I heard the shooting” Biden, was viciously attacked by the mainstream press for his flip-flop on abortion.

    The Russian collusion investigation was officially labeled a left wing conspiracy theory by The NY Times and the Bozo (Washington) Post.

    Jeff Bozo admits he got the inspiration for Amazon while watching the Underpants Gnome episode of South Park.

    Have a great week.

  2. You just sparked an idea, /2.

    How about we add a Frick & Frack (point/counterpoint) tab to this website for some thoughts that you’ll send me to post daily or from time to time?

    Whaddya’ think?

    • I replied earlier; for some reason it went to moderation. Perhaps this one will too. I’m game to try something but, is the technology!

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