“Scenes seen” during an hour or so stroll around downtown

BannersbannerboroYou see ’em on car lots and in Columbia | But not in many other downtowns.

Peeling paintpost officePeeling / chipped paint violation?One might think the US Post Office would not let one of its facilities fall into disrepair.

bienvenido, KT GrahamktgrahamHow much is the rent to park those rigs? And who’s paying it? The landlord or the tenant?

cycleNifty ride in front of Burning Bridge Antiques

cheap paintReally hard to see the white paint in the parking lot at the bottom of Locust Street. Wonder where the borough’s buying all the cheap, non-durable road paint?

street signReally needed, but who’s placed this important signage on North Third Street. The borough or another party?

yellow curbSo, it’s Saturday and you may park where you want. NO, YOU MAY NOT.

trolleyWell, here’s a job. Removing all these trolley signs.

tree gratelessNo tree grates | in the 400 block of Locust Street, thankfully those tree grates are gone and there’s mulch instead. Still an attraction for those cigarette butt tossers.

street closing

roller boarderLots going on here | Running a red light, no license. Should he even be in traffic lanes on Locust Street?

14 lancasterHere, too at 14 Lancaster Avenue | Bike rider in the pedestrian walkway.  Bike rider running a red light. And yes, the eyesore that is 14 Lancaster Avenue would be a nice extension to the lateral urban park. What happens when that little park is no longer tended by somewho cares as much?



  1. When the post office is loooooosing Billions every year, hard to keep buildings looking good. Seen this for years at Columbia’s Post office, I can understand why, more failings.

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