I’ll be watching you.


“Excuse me? Meet, facial recognition. It’s tech used to identify people and could be used in security systems for crowded places (think: malls, airports, schools). Aka “Minority Report” IRL. The tech is already being used by some law enforcement agencies across the country – supporters say it helps police find suspects accused of everything from petty to violent crime. But researchers have pointed out that the tech can be flawed and reflect racial biases (see: this). There are also concerns over how accurate the tech is and how it could threaten things like privacy and even free speech. – Daily Skimm

More | The FBI has access to around 640 million photos it can search through (think: driver’s licenses, passports, mugshots) – reportedly making it one of the largest facial recognition databases.

surveillance nazi

deja vu all over again? | The world’s seen this beforeBBC

More recently, too | “Life Under the KGB’s Watchful Eye in 1980s Russia”The Atlantic


One comment

  1. Facial Recognition? Have you noticed how much John Bolton must look like how Hitler might have looked had he grown older?

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