Sanity restored at Warwick

Sanity restored | This morning Columbia news, views & reviews posted this:

Stark irony | Kids who went to Vietnam to fight a US war had to wait 50 years to get some sort of recognition. Though, most of the Vietnam veterans did get a Pennsylvania bonus payment of $25 a month for each month served in in Vietnam. “The bonus $25 for every month, or fraction thereof, of active service in the Viet Nam Theatre of Operations or spent in military hospitals as a result of service-connected wounds, diseases, or injuries, provided that in no event shall the compensation payable to any serviceman exceed the sum of $750, to be effective when the Constitution is amended to provide for a bonus bond issue.” Stark irony, too, that the headline in the Lancaster Online article above names two non-veteran elected public servants by name in the headline while others are in the photos; this is misplaced grandiosity.  Meanwhile …

That was a one-time bonus | The Warwick School District Board of Education may have its heart in the right place, but we wonder where it’s collective heads are as “12 Warwick school administrators may get raises for efforts after 2018 crash killed 2 students.” It’s a sure bet none of the first responders who were on scene DID NOT get raises for their response. Nor did the parents. The highly paid administrators should not get pay raises for duties defined and non-defined in their jobs.

Since then, there’s been a change of heart.



“After community uproar, Warwick school administrators decline raises for work related to 2018 fatal crash”Lancaster Online

Transparency reigns | “The district said the board followed its solicitor’s recommendation that the board be transparent about the rationale for the raises ‘so that there would be no question about why this action was being recommended for a specific group.’

“‘This is required to keep the public informed; it is also a necessary function for auditing purposes,’ the district said.”

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