Monday’s news items [fake news sharers; “high & mighty feelings”; HARB meeting agenda topics; Plain View Project & more] -6/17/2019

“Who Shares Fake News? | (We Know It Wasn’t You) – Americans 65 and older share more fake news than other age groups. Why?”nextavenue

i would run itThere was a special section in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster dedicated to the celebration of the newspaper (and media company’s) 225th Anniversary. The above is a photo of an article in the section. How ironic that “too many officials in Lancaster County had the high-and-mighty-feeling that government was none of the public’s business.” Some still dolocally and nationally.

Media’s role in democracies = Seek and distribute truth.

Government’s role = be transparent

About those tax cuts | “AT&T, General Motors and Wells Fargo vowed to use tax cuts to create jobs. In fact, they did the opposite.”The Guardian

harbmeetingHARB meeting notice in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

Another “I got mine …” letter! | A letter-to-the-editor writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster slams “Medicare for All” and VA medical care. This writer is another person old enough to get his Medicare but doesn’t want others to. Scratching our head.

“Where does your plastic go? | Global investigation reveals America’s dirty secret” The Guardian

Speak freely, but … | remember you represent the public trust. York sets the record straight with its police officers and what they say on social media sites. ” … we have not and will not tolerate social media posts that diminish public trust of the police department.”

The Plain View Project | York was one of the cities monitored in The Plain View Project, which is a “database of public Facebook posts and comments made by current and former police officers from several jurisdictions across the United States. We present these posts and comments because we believe that they could undermine public trust and confidence in our police. In our view, people who are subject to decisions made by law enforcement may fairly question whether these online statements about race, religion, ethnicity and the acceptability of violent policing—among other topics—inform officers’ on-the-job behaviors and choices.”

Delusional,  certainly scary | The DIC’s latest nutty statement: “Trump says supporters might ‘demand’ that he serve more than two terms as president”The Washington Post

Cops gone bad | “Phoenix mayor ‘sick’ by video of police encounter with young family”The Boston Globe – Here’s the video:


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