Sunday’s news items [fake news items; recognition and bonuses; Lancaster County food serving inspections & more] – 6/16/2019

Wasn’t yesterday a nice weather day! While working outside, weeding and trimming and more, we saw swallows darting around us while mowing; our first lightning bug of the year, butterflies and sunshine.

mark twein fakeThis is fake news — Mark Twain did not say this. | But it’s likely a true piece of information.

dickinsonian viewAh, facebook | The great equalizer? It’s the digital version of a Dickensonian London: a market filled with trash, swill, crap, garbage, pretenders, condescending bastards, lies, horrible spelling and speech and unknowing gossip. Certainly there, and in the digital version, there were streets of truth, reason and rational thought. People just need to look for those streets and avoid getting crap and mud all over their shoes and garments.

2020 cannot come fast enough. That’s when Jeff Helm gets out of the food serving establishments inspection business. It the interim, Columbia could elect to post each month’s inspections at its Website and/or facebook page. Will it?


Lancaster County’s (except Columbia’s) inspections for June 14 at Lancaster Online. If you’re blocked from viewing this article due to the newspaper’s paywall, you can go to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s database to see all of the reports for the week ending or anytime.

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

… except those in Columbia – Columbia will continue to have its own inspection system until 2020.  It is ongoing display of a purposeful lack of transparency.

There are good guys who do bad things | “Off-duty LAPD officer involved in deadly Corona Costco shooting, police say”ABC30-TV

“Deep Fakes | A Looming Crisis for National Security, Democracy and Privacy?”Lawfare

It is a long time to November when the general election will be held on Tuesday November 5, 2019. The “day of reckoning” will arrive.

Borough council aspirants will be trying to earn votes from the electorate. Most likely, they’ll be campaigning in numerous ways … including using social media and in-person events. We encourage citizens to register to vote and to find out as much as they can about the candidates.

Remember this will be the general election and voters are not “party-bound.” Registered voters can vote for anyone on the ballot and, of course, any write-in candidate they choose. In this election, independent voters can, and will, vote.

Be sure to keep abreast of what borough council candidates vying for offices in Columbia are saying. Check out their campaign facebook pages here:

Again, you have write in options, but remember — you have to spell the aspirant’s name correctly. Here is one person who is in the search for seat on the council.

vn pin

Lancaster Online photos | A photo collection of the yesterday’s “Vietnam-era” 50th anniversary pinning event at Columbia High School.

Stark irony | Kids who went to Vietnam to fight a US war had to wait 50 years to get some sort of recognition. Though, most of the Vietnam veterans did get a Pennsylvania bonus payment of $25 a month for each month served in in Vietnam. “The bonus $25 for every month, or fraction thereof, of active service in the Viet Nam Theatre of Operations or spent in military hospitals as a result of service-connected wounds, diseases, or injuries, provided that in no event shall the compensation payable to any serviceman exceed the sum of $750, to be effective when the Constitution is amended to provide for a bonus bond issue.” Stark irony, too, that the headline in the Lancaster Online article above names two non-veteran elected public servants by name in the headline while others are in the photos; this is misplaced grandiosity.  Meanwhile …

That was a one-time bonus | The Warwick School District Board of Education may have its heart in the right place, but we wonder where it’s collective heads are as “12 Warwick school administrators may get raises for efforts after 2018 crash killed 2 students.” It’s a sure bet none of the first responders who were on scene DID NOT get raises for their response. Nor did the parents. The highly paid administrators should not get pay raises for duties defined and non-defined in their jobs.

Best Thunder on the River photo collection | At Columbia Spy’s “109 photos of Saturday’s Thunder on the River car show”

Anvil employee | among the “69 new citizens take oath, share happiness at being in US.”Lancaster Online

Picnic shopping price comparisons | Looks like it’s Walmart! – Lancaster Online

“apres moi le deluge” | Nah, not that idiot — the other one – Bloomberg

A Lancaster Countian | “Man arrested for jumping White House fence”The Washington Post


  1. It’s obscene that anyone would suggest or accept a raise when the root of it involves the death of students.

  2. The logic behind a “raise” fails us. But remember, school board directors are spending someone else’s money.

    Obscene is an apt descriptive.

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