Wednesday’s news items [there goes the neighborhood] – June 19, 2019

Another farmers’ market to be rescued | “Willow Valley to build urban campus at LNP site, assist with Southern Market redevelopment”Lancaster Online

06-19 muni briefin today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

Speed kills quicker | “15 times the speed of sound with terrifying accuracy”The New York Times Magazine 

Slash & Burn | “Buyer of Reading Eagle Co. to slash 81 jobs for starters, more cuts possible”Lancaster Online

Non-transparency haven | Bet your bottom dollar if there are unscrupulous school boards or municipalities in Berks County, they’re rubbing their grimy little fingers with glee. As the quality reporting once done by the Reading Eagle begins to disintegrate.

Grocery closes | “Ferguson & Hassler closes, ending 103 years of operation in Quarryville”Lancaster Online

Brilliance and compassion is alive | This comment following this article is brilliant: “So why not take the money you would have given for the raises and put it in a scholarship fund in the students names to be given out each year to other students.”

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