Friday’s news items [movie in the park tonite; coloring the news; first day of summer & more] – 6/21/2019

C-oloring the news | It is all about how it’s written. When the slash and burn operator is readying to assume the assets of The Reading Eagle, its headline says: Reading Eagle’s new owner to retain 111 employees.” Days earlier, Editor & Publisher, the monthly magazine covering the North American newspaper industry, and other news entities, reported it this way, “Sale of Reading Eagle to MediaNews Group Will Bring 81 Job Cuts This Month.”

“Digital Publishing | Being Transparent Will Help Newspapers Gain the Trust of Readers” Editor & Publisher [In some ways, the newspaper industry has the same lack of transparency as politics has … newspapers are reluctant to report their distribution / circulation numbers as the numbers continue to decline.

longest dayHappy longest day of the year; today’s the first day of summer and the “summer solstice.”

Where’s LIDL? | In January 2018, We posted this: “Lancaster County is slated for two stores this year |“Prices fall when Lidl comes to town, new study finds” – The Reading Eagle

Here comes LIDL? | An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster reports that LIDL has finally purchased the property on Columbia Avenue and Good Drive. More to come as the article goes on: “‘It is too early to offer specifics on this site, but I can tell you we look forward to serving customers in the community with high quality and low prices,’ a Lidl spokesman said.”

Chamber looks for volunteers | “The Antique, Art & Craft Show is almost here and we’re looking for some helpers! We have shifts beginning bright an early at 4:30 a.m. all the way through to 2:30 p.m. We would love to see you, your friends, family, coworkers, employees at this fun, outdoor event!  If you can help, please call us at 717-684-5249 or email as soon as possible.”



Legal fireworks all around Columbia | There’ll be legal community fireworks in Mountville (on June 29) and in Marietta (on July 6) according to a listing of municipalities hosting fireworks displays in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Bleak year for the Phils | The early picks for this year’s All-Star Game (The 2019 All-Star Game takes place July 9 in Cleveland.) indicate we’ll not see lots of Phillies there.

President Strangelove | We’re at war — wait; we’re not.The New York Times

6-21 movie under starsWhen’s dusk? | Depends on your definition of dusk? According to this chart, it’s sometime around 8:37 pm.






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