Saturday’s news items [my or the highway, incident (real or imagined) at Makle Park; dog park; Market House plans & more] – 6/22/2019


letter to the editor

Only the right people should vote | Really!? Reckon the seventy-something year-old  letter writer figures he’s one of them (the right people).

this is hard to accept | There’s yet another letter-to-the-editor it today’s LNP – Always Lancaster sharing the same belief as the one Columbia news, views& reviews posted a few days ago (This letter-to-the-editor is worse | It’s OK to break laws and be unethical — as long as the public does not know it? What ever happened to “protect & serve?” C’mon, Blue.) It’s not OK to break the laws and it’s not OK to selectively impose laws.


If there’s a local facebook post | about an incident at Makle Park resulting in a response of several area police departments and there’s no verification at the Columbia Police Department’s facebook page or CrimeWatch page, did it really happen?

what were you thinking

Ten years from today | the children and grandchildren of these folks will be saying, “What were you thinking?”

Look at the plans | for the Historic Columbia Market HouseColumbia Spy

the eagle & the dogs | It’s pretty phenomenal that an Eagle Scout in the small borough of Denver can get council approval to have a dog park constructed and “raise about one-fifth of the estimated $16,000 construction cost for his proposed dog park.” There’s more on that in the municipal briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Apropos that | this post and (so far) 54 comments appear this local facebook group, What’s Happening in Columbia, Pa. and Surrounding Area.

dog park 2

When a community comes together | It’s awesome what can be accomplished when that happens. Since Columbia Police Officer Austin Miller began the GoFundMe page to garner Support for Police Officer Daniel Castellanos the donations have been continuing; there’ve been over 190 donations. You can still make a donation.

Nah, that can’t happen | But it does: trusted employees, family members, staff do dastardly deeds. – FOX43-TV

Redemption | Lenny Dykstra’s new teethPenn Live


6-24 maggie sings

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