Sunday’s news items [newspaper transparency; revolving loan programs; food serving inspections; Jared’s plan & more] – 6/23/2019

newspaper transparency | “71% think local newspapers are doing OK financially. They’re wrong.” Lancaster Online


Authority’s & revolving loans | Lancaster’s Redevelopment Authority (“The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Lancaster was established in 1957 to redevelop and rehabilitate blighted areas and to prevent property deterioration in other areas. It has the power, within areas set by the Planning Commission, to investigate, plan, purchase property, make contracts for demolition and rebuilding, and provide parks and recreation areas. Present emphasis is on rehabilitation rather than demolition.”) has “has agreed once again to extend the term of a loan provided to help redevelop the Lancaster Press Building” according to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.  Authority’s can do that kind of financing programs. Columbia once had a municipal authority, but dissolved it a few years ago.

Columbia still has a Economic Development entity: The Columbia Economic Development Corporation | “These authorities are involved in tourist promotion, economic development promotion, industrial parks, and small business incubator projects.” Authorities may authorize programs for development including finding ways to lend money in manners as revolving loan programs. “Common reasons for establishing municipal authorities include financing a project without tapping the general taxing or borrowing power of a municipality, facilitating the cooperative involvement of several municipalities in a project, and distancing the operation of a project from the political considerations inherent in direct municipal operation.”

New look | The CEDC has polished its Website!

school districts - pds

Well? | Does Lancaster County need all the separate school districts and police departments? Each one singing its own separate song? Each with its own separate leadership? Contrast the one school district with 15 high schools and one Board of Education and one superintendent in Forsyth County NC.

2020 cannot come fast enough. That’s when Jeff Helm gets out of the food serving establishments inspection business. It the interim, Columbia could elect to post each month’s inspections at its Website and/or facebook page. Will it?


Lancaster County’s (except Columbia’s) inspections for June 21 at Lancaster Online. If you’re blocked from viewing this article due to the newspaper’s paywall, you can go to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s database to see all of the reports for the week ending or anytime. A slew of Turkey Hill C-stores get get a slew of inspection violations (seems some of the stores like milk products to sell past the “sell dates.” Bube’s is on the list with 18 violations during this inspection, but all of them cleared on a subsequent inspection. Meanwhile, you may want to avoid Rosie’s Tavola (13 violations) in Mount Joy until that place gets its their violations under control.

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

… except those in Columbia – Columbia will continue to have its own inspection system until 2020.  It is ongoing; not posting the monthly inspections is a display of a purposeful lack of transparency.

Did it began with Anita? | “The myth that has shaped the Christian Right and the LGBTQ rights movement for four decades”The Washington Post

Austerity in government is not a bad thing | Austerity Has Ravaged U.K. Communities. It Has Also Spurred Reinvention As local governments across Britain grapple with shrunken budgets, many are going into business, funding cooperatives and speculating in real estate.” – The New York Times

Jared’s Palestinian plan | “the deal of the century” – Buy ’em offAP news

9th street houseShe’s sold | This stately property will have new occupants as a deed was recorded on June 18 with a purchase price of $378,500. Columbia news, views & reviews posted this a few months ago: “Beautiful ‘grand dame’ made over and for sale: $378,500; 6 bd3 ba; 6,495 sqft – 855 Chestnut St, Columbia, PA 17512”

Shooter charged | “Police investigating shots fired – update”Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch 

in facebook: veritas, sometimes | Looks like the Columbia PD is now saying there was an incident at Makle Park NOW. – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch 

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