Monday’s news items [promised not delivered; without local news; taxes; two towns; library events & more] – 6/24/2019

Letter-to-the-editor | In memory of “Ed Wick” – Lancaster Online

Wondering | The Columbia Economic Development Corporation’s got an updated Website; Columbia Borough School District has too. How long’s it take for the borough to follow through on these actions approved and promised over a year ago: a new Website and a consistent newsletter?

website newsletter

Worth considering | “Studies have found evidence that communities without strong local news coverage have weaker voter turnout and civic participation. In places where newspapers close or reduce publishing to less than four days a week, municipal borrowing and rates increase significantly. In counties where a newspaper closed, local governments increased their payroll and the average tax bill rose $85.” – Extracted from this Lancaster Online article.

Yeah, but … | Yeah, Columbia may have the highest school tax in the county, but have you seen what Octotara School District (partly Lancaster County and partly Chester County) has done to their Chester County citizens? An article in the School Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster reports, “The new rate for district residents in Chester County will be 40.79 mills.” Columbia’s 2018-19 rate is mild when contrasted.

and … | Columbia Borough School District does an outstanding job of explaining the tax process at its recently upgraded Website.

Daily Police Logs | Why don’t more police departments release daily police logs? Manheim Township does• Northern Lancaster County Regional Police does.

Sheriff Sale Listings | Upcoming July 31, 2019 

Delinquent tax report | June 2019

Short-term leasing? Yes! No! Maybe! | “The Lingering, Unresolved Battle Over Short-Term Rentals in One California City”Route Fifty


Collaboration required | Think of the collaboration and coordination that’s needed when two towns in two separate streets share the same main street. They’ve got to work together to promote and to manage things for their citizens, businesses and guests. Each town has a website that somewhat mirrors the other.  Bristol, VA has a population of 16,482; it’s population has been shrinking since 1980 when over 19,000 people lived there. Bristol, VA has its own school district. 2,289 students are enrolled in the District’s seven schools with an average of 12 Students Per Classroom (State average is 14).

Bristol, TN has a population of 26,881. The school district in Bristol, TN enrolls 4,160 students are enrolled in the District’s eight schools with an average of 15 Students Per Classroom (State average is 15).

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