Watch the video as Council introduced the repeal of the Revolving Loan Program


Watch the video recording of tonight’s council meeting at around the 1:53 mark to learn about the decision to Repeal the Commercial Revolving Loan Program.


  1. Way to go Columbia Concerned Citizens Group. Without your dedication to the borough ordinance 897 would not have been repealed.

  2. I found it interesting that both times I went to the podium and addressed council on agenda and non-agenda items, neither time did the camera show me speaking, yet it showed other residents addressing council. It appears to be deliberate.

    • Sharon, you need to remember that our borough manager is also trying to keep her own notes from what is being said simultaneously with the recording so she may accurately respond later if/as needed. There is no conspiracy theory here. We have talked of having an additional staff member video for us but it will he worth the additional cost. Would you agree?
      Kelly Murphy

      • A fixed mounting like other municipalities use would solve the issue. The borough manager should not have to maneuver the camera during meetings.

  3. Fixed mounting only provides one angle for viewing. So you’ll be looking at the back of someone’s head at some point.

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