Sundays news items, part 3 [new store for Columbia; Car show was two weeks ago; RiverFest & more] – 6/30/2019

clothing boutique

New store at Hermansader’s | We’re sharing this post from a local facebook page: “Coming Soon my Wife’s Clothing Boutique 475 Locust Street. Shooting for July 4th! Feel Free to Share” There’s more here: SweetPeep Boutique- Kathy Wile

Seriously? | What’s with the Chamber of Commerce? | This is still at its website today; the car show was weeks ago: Thunder on the River Car Show event volunteers needed. Shifts are open anywhere between 6:30 a.m. to the close of the event at 2 p.m., Saturday, June 15. Held on Locust Street, Columbia. Help with registration, announcing winners and distributing trophies to presenters, etc. Contact

essential oils

“Aromatic oils have become big business. | But are they medicine or marketing?” – The New Yorker

Surviving in a tough environment | Today’s editorial in LNP – Always Lancaster is Lancaster Newspapers’ position statement on survivability in todays news gathering and disseminating landscape. Worth your time to read it here.

dogs eyes

anthropomorphizing | “The Vivid Inner Worlds Of Animals”Newsy



new yang

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