Tuesday’s news items [porch talk; getting to truth & more] – 7/2/2019

porch talk | It was on the patio at the Library overlooking the park actually, where 10 citizens and Columbia’s mayor had a “sit-down chat last evening. It lasted about an hour and a quarter and was an amiable conversation during which Mayor Leo Lutz invited questions, comments and suggestions. At the conclusion, there was virtual consensus that “we should do this again.” Library Director Lisa Graybill served complimentary drinks and light snacks for everyone.

Summertime | and its going to be a hot one today with temperatures near 90 degrees and “scattered strong thunderstorms may produce marginally strong wind gusts and heavy downpours this afternoon.”

who speaks truth

Indeed … who? | There’s yet another article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster about the lack of transparency and truth among Columbia’s leadership. The above quotes come from this article, “DA receives Sunshine Act complaint; Columbia Borough resident objects to how council hired contractor.” Its worth picking up a copy of the paper. And it’s sad that citizens are compelled to file right-to-know documents to get the truth from borough officials. It’ll likely be a non-agenda item at tonight’s council “work session” meeting.

July 2 Council agenda Download here: 07-02-2019-columbia-borough-council-work-session-agenda-and-meeting-packet – Borough Website [The agenda includes these items:

  • Discuss Ordinance 913-2019 regarding repeal of Ordinance 897-2018 (Revolving Loan Fund)
  • Discuss 2016 General Obligation Bond and Ordinance 914-2019

LEGAL NOTICES | Posted at the Columbia Borough Website and in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, the legal notice “repealing Ordinance Number 897 of 2018 that established a Commercial Revolving Loan Program.”

2 Lib Sahds

Bridge open on Columbia Avenue | “New Route 462 Bridge over Little Conestoga Creek Open to Traffic; Construction to be complete after Overlay Surface is applied to Bridge Deck”news release

222 woes | “PennDOT to Shift Single-Lane Southbound Traffic Pattern within the U.S. 222 Bridge Rehab Project near Ephrata, Lancaster County; Motorists can expect long-term southbound single-lane restriction through mid-August. news release

 Fatherly love | “Inside Ivanka’s Dreamworld”The Atlantic

“Keeping ‘the lights on’ | Pennsylvania’s libraries poised to get first state funding boost in a decade”Pennsylvania Capital Star

“HAVES AND HAVE NOTS | 60% of Pa. school districts headed for fiscal stress”Delaware County Times

Down that path again: “Love it or leave it” | There’s another letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster from someone singing the olddRWNJ song with this line: “I suggest all the socialist- minded Democrats move to a socialist country of their choice and leave us truly dedicated Americans alone.” [NOTE: Quick search indicates it’s written by another disenfranchised old guy.]

Ah, sheez, is everyone corrupt? | “Controller: Chester County sheriff paid boyfriend $67K in ‘unmerited’ OT”WITF

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