Today’s news items [People always have; borough notices; unequal growth; & more] – 7/4/2019

coming to america.jpg

“overcrowding and poor living conditions” | People are coming to America … as they always have – Newsy

Different people make America Great | “The perception that mountain folk like to be poor serves someone — but it’s not the poor mountain folk. The representation of Appalachia as all white is not only inaccurate, but it preserves a false and destructive ideal of imaginary ‘pure white stock.’ Images of decay and absence allow those in power to turn away from a place that has been forgotten, but has not disappeared. The narrow ideas that circulate about this broad place do active harm. To more fully understand a place — its real poverty alongside its potential for renovation, its history of fierce activism alongside the stories of extraction and abuse — requires a sort of patchwork panorama, made up of many angles and many points of view.” The above is an extract from this exceptional “long read” – “Hillbillies need no elegy.”–

SOURCE: Borough Website

draft dodger envy | The draft dodger and the rich ilk get their dictator parade The 
Boston Globe

Below minimum wage workers | Only in America: The US is the only industrialized nation where tip workers depend on tips for the majority of their income.Public Source

“‘Nothing Prepares You for the Inhumanity of It’” | Pennsylvania Representative’s report on her visit to the border “people holding pens (concentration camps)” [our wordsThe Atlantic

borough eblast.jpg

Then and Now | “The spoils of growth in the ’90s were spread out more evenly. Now, according to the Federal Reserve, more than a third of the economic gains are going to the richest 1%.” – MarketPlace

“How Americans Decided Dogs Can’t Eat GrainsA new warning about dog food underscores a problem with certain diets that goes beyond pets.”The Atlantic

No snow days | “New Pennsylvania law ends snow days as we know them, enabling schools to have students work from home” – The Morning Call

09 Library apollo.jpgPodcast: Strong neighborhoods | “Strong neighborhoods are not strong by coincidence. These living areas become great because the people who live there care for one another and are engaged in community life.” La Voz Lancaster



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  1. The DEmocrats that were at the border the other day lied and made shit up. Act like President Trump created it. No it was the Dumocrats saying There isno crisis at the border and TRUMP was making it up.Democrats are to blame for everything wrong with the USA. Trump is going to fix it like he has been doing. TRUMP RULES, Demcrats make shit up.

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