Friday’s news items [Marietta’s fireworks: the possible; jingoism; Sheriff’s Sales & more] – 7/5/2019

“Look up Marietta! | Independence Day fireworks display slated for Saturday” [It’s what can happen when someone has an idea and a community comes together as a “like-minded” team.] – Lancaster Online [See the Marietta Fireworks facebook page.]

This is from the “About” page: “A few years ago we lost a community treasure. In 2018, we successfully brought the show back for all to enjoy. Let’s work together to do something positive in Marietta and keep the show going! All funds donated to this page will help to fund the fireworks display. Here is the break down of what we need to succeed:

  1. Minimal cost to put on a quality display – $15,000.
  2. Additional Laser Light display estimate approximately $10,000.
The Marietta Fireworks are set for Saturday, July 6, 2019. Our goal is to be the best Fireworks show in the county. The sooner we can receive funds towards the show, the sooner we will be able to prepare an unforgettable show for the town. We need funds for the down payment of fireworks by the end of January. The funds needed to identify the quality of the show is the end of March. We are so thankful for your generosity. This show is impossible without you!”


Polls | “How unpopular / popular is Donald Trump?” FiveThirtyEight

“symbolic, jingoistic and untraditional” | Yep, that’s the takeaway from the DIC’s politcal talkThe Guardian

Veterans: “Deeply betrayed” | by parade spectacleNewsweek


The rat could provide “Medicare for all” | A spoof: “Projections Show U.S. Could Fund Medicare For All For 400 Years Charging $1 To Punch Mitch McConnell In the Face” Political GarbageChute

Meanwhile … news from Moscow | These articles at Pravda paint a different view of the US and Trump:

  1. “Militarism Defines Trump’s 4th of July Spectacle.”
  2. “Russian super-weapons technologically outmatch the Pentagon’s best, developed at a small fraction of the cost, using its resources efficiently.”

in one of Beijing’s newspapers | there’s this.China Daily

and in one of North Korea’s | NOTHINGThe North Korea Times

in France | nothing, too.Le Monde

printed by an immigrant | “The first Declaration of Independence” BillyPenn

sheriff sales

Several properties listed | for Columbia Borough 

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