Saturday’s news items [social media summit; mattresses, country music & more] – 7/13/2019

social media

Full Video | “Social Media Summit At White House”RealClear Politics

Job security? | Not here the most recent departure. They’re running out of swamp creatures.

family matters | We spoke with Kelly Murphy, borough council president, late yesterday afternoon and he related that he was forced to miss the Thursday evening council budget review meeting due to a critical “family matter.”

It just takes one truth seeker / truth speaker | “how US media – with one star exception – whitewashed the story” of Jeffrey Epstein. – The Guardian

homelessness to reclamation program | This “housing reclamation” program is being proposed in Lancaster.Lancaster Online


Where’s codes enforcement? | This photo comes from a post with nearly three dozen comments at the What’s Happening in Columbia, Pa. and Surrounding Area facebook page.

Bethlehem’s cracking down | The city wants to “pressure property owners ― particularly those with multiple properties — to keep up with their buildings and taxes.”The Morning Call

In praise | Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial praises “Mount Bethel board members and all the other volunteers and groups throughout the county who are dedicated to saving and preserving our cemeteries.”

Prejudice? | LNP – Always Lancaster letter-to-the-editor writer asks.

“Wealth enables; wealth protects.” | Slimy peopleThe Atlantic

rat poison | “American Carnage” falloutThe Boston Globe

But who’s counting? | Just 7,717,316,??? kinds of people in the world. Worldometer

country music

On WITF | “PBS filmmaker Ken Burns traces the history of COUNTRY MUSIC in a new documentary series exploring the uniquely American art form in a series, premiering on WITF TV September 15 at 8 pm.

Just had to share | “Not a Human, but a Dancer: What Snowball the parrot’s spontaneous moves teach us about ourselves”The Atlantic





  1. Concerning Mattress Alley, you might wish to read a great article in the June 2019 issue of Harper’s Magazine. It is entitled “DOWNSTREAM: The afterlife of American junk” by Rowan Moore Geretz.

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