Friday’s news items [use vs. utilize; sheriff sales; go-to site calendar of events & more] – 7/12/2019

utilizedWe often wonder why anyone wants to “utilize” anything – especially when so many of us are content to use and to say the word, “use.” Is it just a need to “utilize a bigger word?”

Almost like this | “You [and each of you] do swear by Almighty God, the Searcher of all hearts, that the evidence you shall give this court [and Jury] in this issue now being tried shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and as you shall answer to God on the last great day.” – from this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, “Truthfully, our court oath is elaborate.”

Though | Wouldn’t that oath be a really good one to tack on to the oath of office for our elected public servants?

Recycled, but topical | “Have you have ever considered serving your community in an extremely important capacity? By being an active, informed, participating citizen? Or considered running for an elected office such as borough councilor?” – Columbia news, views & reviews post from March 7, 2011

Mike’s back | Stop by the Black Olive Family Diner to say “Welcome home.”

13 Lib FD


recipe for abuse | “Governments making ‘fake news’ a crime risk stifling real journalism — accidentally or intentionally”

Sheriff sales listing | for the July 31, 2019 date

Free Fries Saturday | But there’s a catch; Sheetz’s offer: Customers must “order through its mobile app.”Penn Live

Nice job, but … | At Tuesday’s Borough Council meeting, there was discussion about a suggestion offered by the mayor. The suggestion that there should be a single Website, a source that shows all the events that are happening and coming to the Borough. Some said the School District’s Events Page at its improved Website was that. That Webpage shows listings but no active links for more information.

Others thought that only people with children enrolled in the public school district would go to that page. A few wondered if the Chamber of Commerce Website should be that “go to” place. The events listed there are “Chamber” only events. The Library, too, has an event calendar, but it only lists Library events.

A “non-partisan YES” | “Earmarks? WAMs? Conservative group says by any name, they must go.”WITF

People with access to money can buy anything | Except self-respect, personal dignityThe Boston Globe

Why isn’t jail right for rich white guys? | “To Avoid Jail Before Trial, Epstein Offers Up His Mansion and Jet as Bond – Prosecutors have argued that the financier, who is accused of abusing dozens of underage girls, posed “an extraordinary risk of flight.”The New York Times

Rich black guys do go to jail | at least for a few days before posting bail. “After surrendering to Chicago police, Kelly spent three nights in custody before a friend posted $100,000 — 10 percent of his $1 million bond — and he was released from Cook County Jail.” – The Chicago Tribune




  1. I attend the Columbia Borough School District Superintendents School climate meetings. Borough officials and most organizations from Columbia Borough are represented there. When they were designing their new website it was discussed that the school was going to be the single point to have events on a website for the Borough. That is why when the chamber redesigned their web site, we made it for chamber events only as not to conflict with the School District event calendar.

  2. The list on the school district website would be a lot more useful if there were links rather than just listing the other organizations web address. Heck, even an actual calendar layout with each items link on the day it falls would be more helpful than what they have.

  3. Yes, transparency would be nice, but it would take time to enter all of that stuff, and they’d “hate to spoil the show.”

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