Friday’s news items, part 2 [oleaginous; CatStock; Cats; cancellations & more] – 7/19/2019


Oleaginous! Say what? | Had to look up this word that was included in a facebook post. The post included this line: “Oh, and Pence, you oleaginous house ferret.” We went to the Cambridge dictionary to find out the meaning and how it’s pronounced. Smarmy is a word most of know and it perfectly defines the “oleaginous” veep. But, he’s really smarmy and a really accomplished do-nothing suck-up.

“Pence is more diabolical. | He’s a mediocre man who found his hustle — and power — in Scripture and sanctimony.” – A Boston Globe opinion column: “The immorality of Mike Pence”

“Send her back.” Really? Is this where the US has come to? | “Naturalized immigrants must have heard it and felt anxious. Racists must have heard it and felt glad. Children must have heard it, too, and felt uncomfortable, knowing in their gut that the chant is wrong. Some kids are surely being malignly influenced by its repudiation of the American creed.” – The Atlantic

music friday

Canceled | Lancaster’s Music Friday event and “All Historic Lancaster Walking Tours will be canceled tomorrow, 7/19, Saturday, 7/20, and Sunday, 7/21, due to the extreme heat.” – Visit Lancaster City facebook page

Sunday 2:00 to 9:00 pm | CatStock

Christmas present: coming December 20 | Cats – the movie

Not everyone approves | “internet reacts in horror to ‘demented dream ballet'”The Guardian

School lunch program | This Lancaster Online article reports that Park Elementary School in Columbia Borough will receive a grant to participate in the program; the program grant  stipulates that schools receiving grants must “spend a majority of their grant on purchasing fruits and vegetables, develop a plan to establish partnerships to reduce costs and provide nutrition education to students.” Begun in 1946, the “National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions.” Not everyone agrees the School Lunch Program is beneficial.

get a room | in a parking garage? Lancaster City Police Department CrimeWatch


Another smear | “‘Forgotten by society’ – how Chinese migrants built the transcontinental railroad”The Guardian

Not in our back yard | Greenville respondsThe Daily Reflector, Greenville, NC






  1. Dictionary definition of Oleaginous: Having the nature or quality of oil; containing oil; producing oil; oily or unctuous. So now I understand why Pence went to Columbia to oversee the attempted coup of Maduro in Venezuela. That country had the largest amount of oil, and the US needed an oiy or unctuous person to do the job.

  2. Good pick-up, Mr. Burrill. Isn’t it something that you and so many others can see the unctuous or smarmy nature of the man from Indiana.

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