Tuesday’s news items [council meeting tonight; legal notices; choking & more] – 7/23/2019

Council meeting tonight | 7:00 pm @ borough Hall – The agenda’s here.

One-day vacay wraps-up | US Representative Lloyd Smucker: What he saw at a border facility.Lancaster Online

th cookies creamNudged out by the premium-priced brands.

Third best | Turkey Hill’s Cookies ’n Cream is third in classThe Washington Post

Vandalism, theft, unleashed dog | these and more at the Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page

LEGAL NOTICE | Zoning Hearing Board notice for “SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS AND OR VARIANCES TO SUBDIVIDE THE LOT Lancaster Online – Posted at the Borough Website too.


If you live alone | There’s a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster about what to do if you’re choking while eating. Can it happen? You bet. If you are a single diner or you live alone, you may want to know what to do if you begin to choke from something stuck in your throat. Here is an article (with pictures).

“Boris Johnson: aka ‘look ma, no filter.’ | He’s the former London mayor and former foreign secretary who’s seen as the face of Brexit, and isn’t afraid to say whatever comes to his mind. He’d be down for a no-deal Brexit (leaving the EU without a deal in place) – an outcome Parliament wants to avoid. He’s expected to win this thing.” – The Daily Skim

NEWS FLASH | And he’ll be the PM.The Telegraph

OPINION | “Is America a melting pot or a salad bowl?”Salon

Inspired by another letter-to-the editor.

Filling a school board director vacancy | When there’s a vacancy, here’s what happens.

A church without God | “[Twenty-five] percent of Americans today are religiously unaffiliated, up from single digits in the 1990s. Among young people, that number is 39 percent. Those numbers describe not just a retreat from organized religion, but also an erosion of community.” – The Atlantic



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