Wednesday’s news items [no news; trust & distrust; Barry Ford obituary, council meeting notes & more] – 7/24/2019

Obituary | “Barry D. “Scoop” FordLancaster Online

Livestreamed and archived | Columbia’s July council meeting at the Borough Website


What we learned | It appears it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. The consistency of inconsistent application of codes and Historical Architectural Review Board (H.A.R.B.) recommendations was reinforced as one councillor appeared to blame the H.A.R.B. for not informing violators.

What we saw | The mayor, the police chief, the borough manager, the finance manager, the zoning & planning officer and six of the seven councillors were present last night as well 20 or so citizens.

What we heard | One councillor said that the citizen comment period was not a “question and answer period.” 

Keeping it local | The borough manager said the position Coordinator of Services position for the Columbia Borough Police Department would be advertised in the newspaper and other sites after the position has been posted internally first and if it’s not been filled.

no news

“Column | 10 years later, the death of its daily newspaper still haunts my hometown”The Chicago Tribune

No newsletter | Listen to the borough manager tell everyone that the Borough newsletter will not be happening as advertised. It’s on the video of the meeting around the 57 minute mark. So the budgeted $14,000 will be going where?

“Trust and Distrust in AmericaMany Americans think declining trust in the government and in each other makes it harder to solve key problems.”Pew Research Center

Delayed Right-To-Know’s | Berks municipality citizens bristle against the delayed response for their requests for information. – WFMZ69-TV – [More RTK requests were filed so far this year “than the total number of requests in the entirety of 2017 and 2018.”

Heritage PA celebrates 30th anniversaryTwelve heritage areas offer unique visitor attractions while boosting Pennsylvania’s economy”news release

Falling on your sword | As it should be when the belief is strong enough: “Critic of controversial bathroom policy resigns from Elanco school board”Lancaster Online

pedestrian friendly

Pedestrian friendly town? | Again, it depends. If you’re mowing the streets, yes; if you are a person with a mobility disability, not so much on the crosswalk to nowhere.

Welcome | Food from immigrants 

“Want e-mail in Russia? | The Kremlin wants your phone number first.” The Boston Globe

Smoke Detectors | around the 52 minute mark of the video of last night’s meeting, a councillor introduced an ordinance that will MANDATE A CERTAIN TYPE OF SMOKE DETECTOR THAT MUST BE INSTALLED IN ALL STRUCTURES IN THE BOROUGH. This impacts all property owners.

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