Thursday’s news items [found; festivals; McCarthism & more] – 7/25/2019

And the lost | has been found

Starts tomorrow | Susquehanna Valley Folk Festival

This weekend | in Ephrata, Summer Music Fest Lancaster Online

Noticed | in the Municipal Briefs, that in Manheim Township “Landis Homes Retirement Community donated $18,000 to the township in lieu of taxes not paid on some tax-exempt properties.” – LNP – Always Lancaster


Columbia Letter writer | “21st-century McCarthyism”Lancaster Online

Totally messed up school district | “Pa. school district that warned about lunch debt winds up eating its words”Penn Live  The apology letter.

OPINION: Yesterday’s hearings | Yesterday’s hearings in Wonderland were nothing more than political theatre. And bad theatre, at that. When a bunch of “self-important and self serving” politicos get together to read prepared scripts politicizing everything, it’s a laughing matter for this nation. Turned around, a lot of these “sunzabitches” would be whining about the strident nature of the “questioning.” These are a bunch of “holier-than-though” look alikes who who are introduced as “the gentleman from …” and “the young lady from …” Hardly!






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