Friday’s news items [Mr. Columbia; LNP-Always Lancaster letter-to-the-editor; OPINION: “You’re just a blog” & more] – 7/26/2019

Praises | Lancaster Online: “‘Mr. Columbia’ Barry Ford remembered for decades as sports organizer, town journalist and community volunteer” 

“people power” still works | Just as in Hong Kong, the voice of a diminished population united to force the arrogant, corrupt governor of Puerto Rico to resign.

slime sublime | behind the doors of the wealthyThe New York Times

in an island environment | all your decisions are right; according to you. Ethical leadership is diametrically opposed to that.


In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | “Lower speed limit on dangerous road – We need to have the speed limit lowered on Malleable Road due to increasing traffic, but more so because of the number of individuals who believe it is a racetrack and speed up and down the road. I nearly lost my life years before due to a negligent driver’s speeding. Hopefully it won’t take a death to change the speed limit. We need to have Columbia Borough and West Hempfield Township get on board with us.” – Ronald Eck, Columbia

Online danger | Met online, moved to Pa … found in the Susquehanna

Doing what comes naturally | … for despots: When the jails are full, kill ’em.

At the School Board Website | There’s this: “The Board of Education generally meets on the third Thursday of every month for regular Board Meetings and the first Thursday of the month, as needed, for a Committee of the Whole.” But the agenda’s not yet posted about a meeting for next Thursday’s meeting (if there’ll be one). Also there’s nothing posted about the board vacancy created by the death of one of its directors. This is still listed: Barry Ford, Personnel/Extra-Curricular Chair

free newsThis notice is posted at the Website.

“You’re just a blog.”| OPINION: The producers of this local daily news Website and Columbia Spy have heard this kind of disparaging commentary frequently over the past bunch of years. Yet, each of our daily news Websites have continued to publish topical, relevant, related news items for years. Each of these Websites welcome news submissions and comments.

Neither of theseWebsites is monetized; that is we do not make money. In fact, there are real (financial and time) costs attached to doing what we do. These local news Websites exist because we believe that people in the Columbia area want to get information that affects them. Information that may not be readily available. Information that may be purposefully omitted from other sources.

This article, “Digital startups see opportunity in local journalism”, is about the financial sustainability of online news reporting. It takes a look a Other “pay model” local news sources have sprung up in York and Lebanon; both places with weakened local news coverage by local traditional media.

In spite of comments voiced by local elected public servants, detractors and a few others, Columbia news, views & reviews and Columbia Spy continue to publish information about what we feel is important, of interest and relevant for people who live, work, play, vote, dine, shop, and visit in Columbia.

LEGAL NOTICE | This legal notice is at Lancaster Online. It probably will be posted at the Borough Website later today.

Another Legal Notice in the interest of transparency | This is a admirable Legal Notice publicized by another municipality.



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