Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [items from a macro level] – 7/30/2019

July’s almost gone | It came and went quickly, didn’t it?

abuse begins early for women | “Girls are bearing the brunt of a rise in US cyberbullying” AP news

racist Word Art

Is he really? | Maybe bigot is a better description? “When Labeling Racism Doesn’t Work: Many bigots themselves don’t really know what racism is” –  Thought Co.

Racism | The word’s “Ugly, Fascinating History”NPR

Legal notice | Seeking bids for “Chestnut Street Ironville Pike drainage improvements.”LancasterOnline and at the Borough Website.

Your thoughts? | PennLive‘s taster team says these are the top 10 potato chip brands. Our thoughts tomorrow.

Legal victory, maybe | Moral victory, definitely not.The Butler Eagle

“good German people” | OPINION: “My father was wrong about Nazi Germany. I am right about America.” – Ted Koppel in The Washington Post

Hope you don’t have | a Capital One credit cardNPR



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