Tuesday’s news items [Charges filed; shooting? what shooting?; “Good God” scammers; get ready to retire in your car; Yay, Sparrow Websites & more] – 7/30/2019

Charges filed | Murder Of The Third Degree and Involuntary Manslaughter 

The first place people should find reliable information | about last night’s shooting in Columbia should be the Columbia Police Department. It has a facebook page and a Crimewatch page, yet nothing official nor authoritative appears at either site. Yet area broadcast and print media and social media pages are filled with “information.” Whether the information is from accurate or suspect sources is up for grabs.

kinda’ like ground hog day | “Informing the public and additional audiences during an incident is a vital ongoing cycle.” Columbia’s gone down this path before.

In Search of 900-2,000 SF of Retail Space in Lancaster Countyseeking retail spaceWhat about Columbia? | Rock Real Estate sent the above in an email.

comforting lies

“The phenomenon of cognitive dissonance” | “The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feelings of discomfort that result when your beliefs run counter to your behaviors and/or new information that is presented to you.” – verywellmind

holy moly | “Worshipers targeted by gift card scam” –  Federal Trade Commission

Thanks, Sparrow Websites | “Thanks to the generosity of Sparrow Websites, of Columbia, Pa.  Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation (LOHF) has a brand new site! Sparrow held held an Ugly Website drawing for nonprofits, and LOFH won the makeover!”

31 trail

The sad state of newspapers | “Tough breaking news to report but the Vallejo Times-Herald has eliminated a news reporter position leaving just one (1) news reporter (myself) to cover the city of Vallejo, a town of 120,000” – John Glidden’s Tweet

The sadder state | “The Lowell Sun sports editor’s farewell column was taken down. Here’s every word of it.” – another newspaper grabbed by the same folks who’ve purchased The Reading Eagle.

“Getting Older, Going Broke | Who’s Going to Pay for Long-Term Care?”PewTrusts

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