Thursday’s news items [slippery poles; rents: out of reach; a grand opening; library events & more] – 8/1/2019

out of reachHow Much do you Need to Earn to Afford a Modest Apartment in your area?Click here to find out.

housing costs

Costs in 17512 | The zip code is bigger than just the borough of Columbia.

UPDATE | “CPD Officer Austin Miller’s update on “Support for Police Officer Daniel Castellanos”

e-e-w-w-w | “Drunken man bites another man in armpit during bar brawl: police”Lancaster Online

Best quote heard yesterday | “When you try to climb the slippery pole, you reach out for anything.” This was on a radio program yesterday; it was someone who knew Mitch McConnell when McConnell was beginning his slimy political career. Even then, the rat from Kentucky made deals with the enemy to accomplish his own personal agenda: building wealth and power. All this from a rat who had no friends then and now.

oss health ribbon cutting

OSS Health Foot and Ankle Specialists ColumbiaDr. Joseph Hensley treats a variety of conditions associated with the foot and ankle including athlete’s foot, bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, tendon and joint pain, swelling, arthritis and diabetic foot care.  Dr. Hensley strives to improve the overall health of patients by focusing on preventing, diagosing and treating these conditions using a variety of innovative treatments and techniques.” – Website 

lib - 1 deroselib - thursdays read


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