Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [gunspeak; schoolspeak; Library events & more] – 8/6/2019


Incorrect myth | Mental Health is not the cause of mass killings. It’s not what the gun lobby, the NRA and other’s continue to spout. “It’s about the guns.”

Nutcase logic | This elected public servant says “gay marriage, marijuana, pro athletes and Obama” are the causes leading to mass shootings. – Penn Live

Toomey days he’s on board | to do something about mass shootings.The Morning Call

The NRA’s statement | “We will not participate in the politicizing of these tragedies but, as always, we will work in good faith to pursue real solutions that protect us all from people who commit these horrific acts.” – National Rifle Association Website

No connection | Gun violence is not caused by video gamesThe Los Angeles Times

Columbia comments | Niche.com ranks Pennsylvania’s schoolsHere are the comments at that Website.

Comparison | Some say media of the stateFox news & Al Jazeera

Mea culpa | New York Times backpedals on headlineThe Washington Post


lib - thursdays crochet

lib - 8 randshine

Stuff | “Welcome to America’s other clutter problem. It’s called self-storage.” – The Boston Globe

Raider Nation weeps | Cliff Branch, Raiders’ Elusive All-Pro Receiver, Dies at 71 – The New York Times

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