Tuesday’s news items [interesting legal notices; media aggregation; it happens every time & more] – 8/6/2019

gs board

Some communicate widely | while others don’t. Interesting that one county school district with a school board of director’s vacancy advertised in the publication of general distribution — LNP – Always Lancaster (as well as its Website) — while Columbia doesn’t. It only shows the vacancies at its Website.)

All together now | This little light of mine, we’re not gonna’ let it shine. – As sung by the Columbia Borough School District School Board of Directors.

legal notice

Casting a wider net | The issue of Lock Boxes with amendments is in this LEGAL NOTICE at Lancaster Online, published in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster and at the Borough Website.

Default and foreclosure sale | 1055 CHESTNUT STREET COLUMBIA PA 17512 Lancaster Online Here are the property specifics: Parcel Details for 1102339200000

A bunch of Columbia properties | on the Lancaster County (NEW) September 2019 Upset Tax Sale List 

Posted at the County Treasurer’s Website | July 2019 Delinquent Tax Report

When consolidation is bad | In media. The aggregation of media organizations by absorption under one umbrella inevitably drowns out independent reporting. There’ll be massive cost savings for the organization, but the role of media will be muffled and distorted. No matter the corporate leader is saying “this transaction will create value for our shareholders, greater opportunities for our employees, and a stronger future for journalism;” this incorporation lessens the news gathering across the nation.

Rats! Today’s Weather for this evening shows “A chance of showers and thunderstorms.” Let’s hope the rain holds off for the National Night Out event.


The persistent, unanswered cry | “We must hold our elected officials accountable.” This line is from the editorial in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster; more words resulting from the carnage of mass shootings across the nation. The same words that are in newspapers and media outlets across the nation. Each time wholesale violence happens. Empty words because the “elected public servants” do not represent real, everyday people … they speak the words and do the deeds that their moneyed string-pullers tell them to do. There’ll be more mass killings; these charlatans and pretenders will continue to amass fortunes way above those earned by the working, average, everyday citizens they’re supposed to represent as they do nothing.

A first | “Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”History.com





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