Columbia’s food serving inspections ho!


This just in | The dining facility inspections FINALLY are online at the Columbia Borough Website, though you’ll have to navigate a bit to find them.

Food Facility Inspection Reports – January 2019

St Paul’s Episcopal Church

Food Facility Inspection Reports – February 2019

Salem United Church of Christ

Food Facility Inspection Reports – April 2019

Kristen’s Katering

Our Lady of Angels School/Parish Hall

Food Facility Inspection Reports – May 2019

Columbia Middle/High School

Taylor Middle School

Park Elementary School

Food Facility Inspection Reports – June 2019


Food Facility Inspection Reports – July 2019

AJ’s Surplus Grocery

Remember | Beginning January 1, 2020, the US Department of Agriculture will take over the inspections from Columbia’s Jeff Helms. Then, ALL THE FOOD SERVING ESTABLISHMENTS will be on line, including Columbia’s. Here’s the link to the existing database:

Oh, yeah | in the interim, you can find the inspections at the Borough Website by:

  1. Going to
  2. Scroll down to Board of Health; the inspections are listed below the members’ names.

Kinda’ tough to find without a map, huh?

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