Monday’s news items [pension crisis; lunacy unleashed; National Night Out & more] – 8/5/2019

pension crisisThink you’re safe with your pension? | THINK AGAIN and read the above article from the recent AARP Bulletin.

The rhetoric of madmen | emboldens maniacal followers in 2001 and now, too. In the minds of these maniacal followers, slaughtering innocents is legitimized.

255 mass shootings in 219 days | ” … more shootings than days in the year”USA Today – Here’s the listing.


Mr. President | Overwhelmingly these shootings are planned and carried out by terrorists already living here: white nationalist terrorists.

It’s OK, Lloyd | You can say something now; the leader has spoken. Silence at the representative’s facebook and twitter pages (except for the politicizing).

ignoratio elenchiRed Herring Fallacy: “A “red herring fallacy” is a distraction from the argument typically with some sentiment that seems to be relevant but isn’t really on-topic. This tactic is common when someone doesn’t like the current topic and wants to detour into something else instead, something easier or safer to address. A red herring fallacy is typically related to the issue in question but isn’t quite relevant enough to be helpful. Instead of clarifying and focusing, it confuses and distracts.” – The magazine

lib - 6 nno

cola meetings 8-5

“Should the state have acted sooner to take over the Harrisburg School District?” | “The list of mistakes by the Harrisburg School District in recent years is long.”Penn Live

Call it what it is | “Gov. Tom Wolf calls charter schools ‘private,’ draws heated response from their largest advocacy group” Penn Live

Who’s the best feral? | “Suddenly, feral swine are everywhere.”The Atlantic




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