OPINION | “But I wore the juice!”

Lemon juice bandid

While driving yesterday, we were listening to WITF radio and the story about McArthur Wheeler.

If that doesn’t ring a bell (and it didn’t for us) here’s the story:

“At five foot six and 270 pounds, the bank robber was impossible to miss. On April 19, 1995, he hit two Pittsburgh banks in broad daylight. Security cameras picked up good images of his face — he wore no mask — and showed him holding a gun to the teller. Police made sure the footage was broadcast on the local eleven o’clock news. A tip came in within minutes, and just after midnight, the police were knocking on the suspect’s door in McKeesport. Identified as McArthur Wheeler, he was incredulous. ‘But I wore the juice,’ he said.

“Wheeler told police he rubbed lemon juice on his face to make it invisible to security cameras. Detectives concluded he was not delusional, not on drugs — just incredibly mistaken.

“Wheeler knew that lemon juice is used as an invisible ink. Logically, then, lemon juice would make his face invisible to cameras.” Keep reading about Mr. Wheeler and his logic here. 

“Since the mid 1990s, their theory has been tested over a wide variety of tasks: humor, grammar, logic, geography, financial knowledge, biology and so on. The results hold. People who don’t know much think they know a lot. That’s because they don’t know what they don’t know. People who know a lot underestimate how much they know because they know how complicated things are.” – This extract (and the graphic above) are from this Website.

This article, too, shares more: “But I Wore the Juice: Delusory Competence in the Technology Age.”

So, maybe, just maybe, Donald Rumsfeld was onto something.


Who knows, maybe Wheeler, Rumsfeld and others were evicted from their parent’s houses, too!

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