Scenes seen on Tuesday afternoon

weeds booksA long time ago, someone said, “You can buy them books; you can send them to school, but … ” Today, it’s “You can buy them fancy fencing and put it on the wrong side of Heritage Drive, but … ” Where are the codes folks?


headlinesDifferent newspapers – different headlines | No state media showing here at Stover’s. Different newspapers with different headlines. It’s what democracies have in mind for the Fourth Estate.

luckySome are lucky; others not | It’s a matter of timing. Both cars, sans trailers, parked within feet of each other today.

againSeems like it’s every day | Weeping.

rampConsiderate | A new ADA-compliant ramp is being made ready.

Bobbing and buoyant | Note the waves rippling from left to right; the current changes when a weather front is coming. The heavy downpour happened within an hour of capturing these ducks.

old posterOut of date poster | Folks checking the safety notices on the bulletin board by The River will see this out of date poster.

spyder trapAlso they’ll see | the spider’s trap.

not so nice scenesVisitors and residents see | what others, includes codes officers, evidently don’t see.

There’s dismounted drill | and mounted drill.



  1. Codes department drives down Heritage Drive at least once a day by the weeds, but to no avail never stops to give a quick ticket for weeds. Again, selective enforcement.

  2. Again codes open your eyes and do something about the mess on Heritage drive you should all lose your jobs if you can’t see that mess

  3. At one time, I thought the borough was going to be maintaining the fence, maybe they mean just the fence and not the weeds?

  4. Why do we have Code officers Driving around town not doing their job. Every week I can drive down Locust Street between 5th and 4th. Trash bags waiting for next day pickup without Trash Cans. My neighbor here on Blunston Street yard looks like a jungle. Columbia throwing good money after Bad.

    • Well I see that nothing has been done about the weeds when are they going to start doing there job how about some now what will it take a act.of Congress to get anything done Ha Ha

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