Saturday’s news items, part 2 [shooting charges chance; big church; trusted staffers & more] – 8/10/2019

Murder charges dropped | Columbia’s homicide story changesLancaster Online

2,000 church members | Ephrata Community Church complex swells – Lancaster Online


Woodstock’s Contradictions | 50 Years Later” The New York Times

even in The Army | Those “trusted staffers” existFOX43-TV


Just completed its run in Marietta | “Evita director: ‘Charismatic despots are back in fashion’”BBC

owed the bank $33,400,000 | Yet this investment property sells for $5,250,000Penn  Live

How inviting! | In Bethlehem, school principals knock on doors to welcome children to schoolThe Morning Call

Coming to Ephrata | “Hilton Hotel, Jersey Mike’s, Panera Bread, AT&T, Super Cuts, Planet Fitness and Chipotle” add to the continued “uglification” Lancaster County. – The Ephrata Review

lib - 13 crochet

lib - 13 space songs

On Cape Cod | a newspaper start up; yes, starts up.The Boston Globe

A video | about the history of our attachment to lawns: The Great American Lawn: How the Dream Was Manufactured” The New York Times

Smokey Bear … turned 75 yesterday



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