Sunday’s news items [Internet speeds; final stories; columns & more] – 8/11/2019

How fast is your Internet? | Internet speed is the lead article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. And in the article, we find out just how advanced or retarded Lancaster County Internet access is. For instance, in Bowmansville, the download speed is abysmal at 1.1 Mbps. One Website claims that the average “World” download speed is 29.7 Mbps. Another shows that this “great” nation ranks 15th in the world in Internet speed.

If Comcast is your provider | you can “Learn what factors affect your Internet speed, the difference between Mbps and Kbps, and use our Internet Speed Test Tool to find out your speeds.”

speedtestxfinityOur early morning Internet speeds using Comcast’s Xfinity Speed Test.

speedtestAverage speed tests at 4:30 am today using different servers at

Question? | How can this nation globally when our Internet speeds are substandard in many parts of the country? How can our citizens capitalize on tele-medicine, banking and all the necessary platforms with slow, spotty Internet connections?

Speaking of speed | While all the local police departments want it, RADAR Is Unreliable: Fresh evidence that further erodes RADAR’s patina of infallibility comes from an American Academy of Forensic Sciences” The Patch

Vietnam War icon | “Restored ‘Huey’ takes Vietnam vets, others back”The York Dispatch

ICE kills | “The tragic story of Jimmy Aldaoud, deported from the streets of Detroit to his death in Iraq.”The Intercept

Final stories | Obituary notices can be compelling reading. In obituaries there’s an abridged volume of the interesting aspects of a life lived. “In addition to notifying a community about the passing of an individual, the content serves as a tribute to the life and accomplishments of the person. An obituary is a formal announcement of death published locally, containing a brief biography about the deceased. As early as the 16th century, brief notices of death were being printed in North America. The British began publishing more lengthy, detailed accounts around the 19th century, predominantly for soldiers, celebrities and political figures.” – The Telegraph-Journal, New Brunswick, Canada

Yeah, right, sure, if you say so | “These 7 Prominent Conservatives Have Nothing in Common With White Supremacists, Nothing at All.”The Intercept

Ryan Aument column | This is extracted from the State Senator’s column about the senseless violence of mass shootings in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:

“To my friends on the right, this means listening to the concerns that many have with respect to the easy access to guns by those who wish to do themselves and others harm. To my friends on the left, this means recognizing the concerns many have with respect to the disregard for life, the breakdown of the family, the deterioration of our culture, and the appropriate treatment for those with a mental health diagnosis.”

Brave column | Ann Womble is a former former chair of the Lancaster County Republican Committee and in a column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster she writes:

” … the leader of the Republican Party and the president of the United States leads by dividing, deriding, and debasing. It’s gross understatement to say his words are crass, ill-conceived and wholly forgettable. The more damaging thing is that he works actively to rip apart civic bonds, to tear down, to separate and to make distinctions between who rightly belongs in this country and who doesn’t. Instead of rhetorically binding up wounds, he inflicts them.”

Might be? | How’s this for a column headline: “Mitch McConnell might be worse than President Trump.” McConnell is just plain awful, despicable, detestable, slimy, corrupt and a non-model for his grandchildren … or anyone.


  1. It is a well known fact in physics that you cannot know the both the speed of a particle and it’s position. It is obvious from this that radar is unreliable. Either you are going 85 mph or you are on route 283. The cop must cite you for both, a physical impossibility based on scientific fact.

  2. In the same vane; let’s consider Einstein’s theory or relativity. Roughly stated it says if an object is accelerated to the speed of light squared, it will become energy. This is why an atomic bomb works. Thus it is obvious we need speed limits on our highways.

    This is also why I get nervous whenever Aroldis Chapman takes the mound.

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