Tuesday’s news items [Council meeting tonight; documentation & welfare state] – 8/13/2019

Tonight @ 7:00 pm | Council meeting; the agenda and supporting documents are posted at the borough Website.

document itWith video recording and in writing.

From the minutes | Extracted from the July 23, 2019 Council meeting minutes (on the agenda for accptance at tonight’s meeting):

“HARB Chair, Glenn Schaeffer, addressed the denial and stated that work proposed was not aligned with U.S. Secretary of Interior Standards with regards to historical details. Mr. Schaeffer stressed the importance of consistency with applying the Borough HARB Ordinance regulations. Further, Mr. Schaeffer indicated that the HARB looked at the address in question and not the surrounding structures and made an informed decision based on that address only. Councilpersons Burgard and Kress Hartman asked questions about enforcement of the regulations. Mr. Schaeffer explained that enforcement does not happen through the HARB, but rather through the Zoning enforcement authority of the Borough,and shared an example of receiving a call regarding painting at “the bank” and notifying the Borough, and that a stop work order was issued and that the painting was stopped.”

from the August 8 minutes | Curiously vague from the yet-to-be-accepted minutes from the August 8 council “work session” is a recap of the Bootleg Antiques building painting in the Historical District.

“Borough Manger Denlinger, Planning and Zoning Manager Helm and Councilperson Novak responded regarding the communication with the property owner and business occupying the building who was doing the painting. There was a discussion on the next steps to address and work to resolve the unauthorized work. Councilperson Berntheizel and Mayor Lutz also weighed in on the regulations and the enforcement by the Borough. Councilperson Novak requested Mr. Helm to follow through per the Borough Ordinance with respect to the specific property and any alleged violations of the regulations.”

Yet, in the video recording of the meeting at the borough’s facebook page, substantial discourse took place.


Welfare … in schools.school welfare

Corporate welfare isn’t limited to business directly | Several articles in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster are rife with state government handouts to benefit Columbia. One article, “State helps schools in county hike security” includes a mega-grant to shore up the school district’s security. Another is “Columbia project gets $1.75M boost from state; Grant to help fund renovation of Market House, parking upgrade.” When people gripe, complain and condemn real people for being government welfare recipients, they ought to complain about government handouts to all. 

school briefsSOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster



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