Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [good public safety ideas; other good ideas; views from a macro level & more] – 8/13/2019

convicted felons, too |none of these folks are allowed to be working around children: “Convicted sex offender sentenced after using fake name, volunteering with kids, abusing again”Lancaster Online


Real-time public safety notifications | REALLY good concept for police departments wanting to keep citizens informed.

Another good concept | The daily news report or the log

curious are the differences | in Website information about rental properties.  See Middletown’s notice and see Columbia’s.

lib - 16 movies starsanother good idea | The next Movies Under the Stars is Friday August 16th at the Locust Street Park in Columbia. Mark your calendar! 

backpacksand another

for those who like it | “Olive Garden announces new ‘Lifetime Pasta Pass’FOX43-TV

new regs; it’s “great to be an American” | Killing almost everything is OK – Penn Live

“red flags” | the NRA doesn’t agreePenn Live

Mayor gone rogue? | “Chinese restaurant owner claims harassment by Middletown borough, mayor; parking lot cited”The Middletown Press & Journal


Found this video fascinating | Tips for lacing your shoes 





  1. Socialism- the absurd notion that all people are created equal and government can, and should, keep them that way.

  2. From you, Mr. D. … we can accept a Jeffersonian perspective. Not that we buy into it, of course. What we can ascribe to is that only the informed should be showing up to vote.

    That, too, we recognize may be considered an elitist perspective and it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    Here’s to hoping that people will want to learn more about what makes the world go round. Here’s to hoping hat the educational systems will improve. Here’s to hoping that ethical, principled leaders will seek and be elected to office. Here’s to truth, justice and the American Way the way we imagined it when Mighty Mouse ruled the airwaves.

    Oh, what’s that old saw? Oh, yeah. “Hope in one hand … https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Wish%20in%20one%20hand%2C%20shit%20in%20the%20other.

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