When did H.A.R.B. begin? What was “Envision Columbia?”

borough page

The Columbia Borough Website has a Webpage for HARB — Columbia’s Historic Architectural Review Board has been accosted and maligned recently about the Bootleg Antiques embroilment.

Seemingly, the Borough’s Zoning & Planning Officer, Jeff Helm, (who also is a member of the H.A.R.B.) was less than supportive of a borough ordinance concerning painting previously unpainted exterior surfaces of structures situated within the currently defined Historic District. An inconsistent interpretation and application of a recently enacted borough ordinance has contributed to an onslaught of commentary about the intent of H.A.R.B.

When did H.A.R.B. begin in Columbia; how long has it been in effect? Columbia news, views & reviews has searched for that answer and not been able to find it. We looked at the Borough’s ordinances and could not find the date the of incorporation as an ordinance.

Does anyone know?

Does anyone know about “Envision Columbia?”

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