Over a dozen years ago, there was discord about Columbia’s Historic Architectural Review Board | there’s nothing new.

In late 2005 and early 2006, separate factions in Columbia were engaged in controversy about Columbia’s Historic Architectural Architectural Review Board’s interpretations. Now, as then, the controversy centered on supporting legislation and application of the legislation. Then, too, Columbia was one of two boroughs in the county with a H.A.R.B. — Strasburg was, and is, the other.


Back then there was Envision Columbia, an unidentified coalition / organization / initiative that paid for and distributed printed materials that castigated H.A.R.B and vilified several people by name. None of the persons behind Envision Columbia are identified in the flyers.

Here is one four page piece of collateral (click on any of the images to enlarge):

anti harb brochure0002

anti harb brochure0003

anti harb brochure0004

anti harb brochure0005

And here’s more:

pro-con files0001


But there’s another consideration, Columbia Borough had established a H.A.R.B. and enacted legislation supporting it.

Identified supporters of that Board distributed this letter just after New Year’s Day in 2006.

harb letter

Supporters of the H.A.R.B. also released a counter-point information sheet:






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