Friday’s news items [spreading disinformation; education discussion; cuurt rules against utility maintenance fees & more] – 8/23/2019

“It is disgusting …” | “Billions of gallons of human waste, stormwater released into Susquehanna River”FOX43-TV

emotional learning | the “missing link” in student success? – The Hechinger Report

Maintenance fees for public utilities? | State Supreme Court says, “NO.”This ruling went against the City of Lancaster as the Court wrote, “municipalities have no inherent powers; they possess only such powers of government as are expressly granted to them by the legislature and are necessary to carry out the same.” And, “that utilities are bound to a uniform, statewide regulatory scheme rather than a crazy quilt of local regulations.”

An LNP – Always Lancaster article on the decision states PPL is pleased about the outcome and “spokeswoman Jess Baker said, ‘This ruling will save our customers money,’ noting the precedent it sets bars any other municipalities from trying to establish maintenance fees.”

Gone | Air conditioner heisted on Union Street – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch

Stormwater Management Fees | Who Pays?

misinformation“Credit: Jen Christiansen; Source: Information Disorder: Toward an Interdisciplinary Framework for Research and Policymaking, by Claire Wardle and Hossein Derakhshan. Council of Europe, October 2017″

“Misinformation | Our willingness to share content without thinking is exploited to spread disinformation”Scientific American

Social norms | “Spouses Report Earnings Differently When Wives Earn More”US Census Bureau

lib - 28 tech

“Free Speech | Most speech, hateful or not, is protected by the Constitution. To pretend otherwise is foolhardy.”The Atlantic

“Joe Camel Was Forced Out Of Ads | So Why Is Juul Allowed On TV?” – RouteFifty

Are poor schools | funding the state’s cyber charter schools? – Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Racism | starts in the schools The Boston Globe

Pedestrian Safety Tips | “Unintentional pedestrian injuries are the fifth leading cause of injury-related death in the United States for children ages 5-19.

sheriff sales

235-237 Locust Street | on the current Lancaster County list of Sheriff Sales.

Idea that makes sense | Consistency … “Lehigh Valley municipalities agree to share zoning.”The Morning Call


Just had to share | This big guy, Mr. B.,  is adoptable.  



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