Sunday’s news items [Drug task force funding; a day in 1959; food serving inspections, who’s the worst? & more] – 9/8/2019

interl page one

19 separate articles | It’s interesting to look at the page design and that there were 19 separate articles on the page one replicated in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Note the high temperature article and the 717 area code article. And the Yankees were in last place in late May. The Yankees finished the year in third place as the Chicago White Sox won the pennant that year.

West Hempfield Township is one | The lead article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster states that four Lancaster County jurisdictions have “pulled away” some funding for the Lancaster County Drug Task Force. West Hempfield Township reduced it’s contribution “due to concerns about how the drug task force was being funded.”  As a result, some police officers from the four jurisdictions have been “sent back” to their jurisdictions.

Task Force Funding  | “The Lancaster County Drug Task Force is primarily funded by a voluntary one dollar per capita contribution from municipalities within Lancaster County. Most municipalities contribute in this manner. This voluntary contribution is not only recognition of the importance of the task force concept, but it demonstrates that our local governmental officials recognize that, realistically, no municipality is immune from the influence of illegal drugs and the crime associated with their use.” Columbia Borough’s 2019 Budget lists this line item: “01-357-020, Lanc. County Task Force, $89,888 


Worst presidents? | “Whom do scholars scorn the most?” a three minute audio file – The Washington Post

Find ’em if you can| Dependability! You can find lists the weekly food inspections for Lancaster County’s food serving establishments at Lancaster Online‘s Website and you can find all the restaurants across the state at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Website and you were supposed to find the previous month’s inspections at the Columbia Borough Website. ALAS, August’s inspections are not posted.

Some places you may want to skip | For now anyway, these food serving establishments racked up lots of inspection violations in this week’s Lancaster County Food Serving inspections and we’re staying away from them:

  • Brewster’s BBQ MFF4 in Akron
  • China Taste in Ephrata
  • Friendly’s No. 7328 on Oregon Pike in Lancaster
  • VFW Post No. 3376 in Ephrata
  • Chilangos Authentic Mexican Restaurante in Lititz
  • Fiorentino’s Bar & Grill at the Lancaster Airport
  • Szechuan Gourmet in Lancaster (AND THIS IS A FOLLOW-UP INSPECTION)
  • Three Sisters Park in Ephrata and
  • Cafe & Pho Hoang in Elizabethtown, unless you’re ordering mice fried rice.

stricter enforcement | “Need stricter rules for restaurants (letter)”Lancaster Online

Easier to understand | but not accept are several well known grocery stores with abundant violations. Easier to understand because of the size and scope of the stores … still we wonder who’s in charge.

record showThis article is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. This group, The Keystone Record Collectors, used to hold shows in Columbia at the Market House.

Come on-n-n-n! | “State Police: Couple went on spending spree after accidental deposit of $120K in bank account”FOX43-TV




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