The stuff people want to believe.

girl facebook

Back in the day, there was an afternoon radio and TV program called “Queen for a Day.”

According to Wikipedia, contestants on the show, were “asked to talk about the recent financial and emotional hard times she had been through.” It was a sappy show that played on the emotions of viewers and audience members. Tears flowed as nearly everyone sobbed, it seemed. And then the winning sob story was rewarded with lots of stuff.

Here’s a sample:

Was any of it true? Hard to say. Ever heard of or remember Charles Van Doren?

A modern-day version of QFAD plays out on facebook pages. Here’s a venue for lots of tear-jerking emotional stories to be told — some may be true, but many are fabrications as the one above most likely is.

“Incidents of Ransomware on the Rise Protect Yourself and Your Organization”FBI

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