Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [critical thinking; questions – some answers; mud, spotted lanternflies & more] – 9/11/2019

“Under the right conditions, they’d be stars” | “A new teacher vows to help in a classroom full of need.”The Hechinger Report

Critical thinking taught? | Not so much says this report The Hechinger Report

tax cuts

research shows | “Tax cuts for bottom 90% of earners spur job growth”Journalist’s Resource


finally … some answers (?) to these questions | On July 10, Columbia news, views & reviews asked questions here.

yesterday | This CrimeWatch report was posted. And on September 5, 2019, the individual cited appeared before Magisterial District Judge Miles K. Bixler who transferred the case to The Honorable Dennis E. Reinaker.

traffic docket

see something — say something | This CrimeWatch report claims a “victim’s been “trespassed.”Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch

Body Image & Self Esteem Support Group (1)

Working at the the state has been “bery, berry good to me” | “Pa. House of Representatives voluntary buyout offer accepted by 63 employees”PA Post

lanternfly“The splotch resembling mud is a mass of spotted lanternfly eggs. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is urging all in the quarantine zone to scrape and kill them. Egg laying season has officially begun.” (Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture/Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture)

not mud, but … | “That’s not mud on your yard furniture, but spotted lanternfly egg masses. Pennsylvania wants you to have no mercy.”The Morning Call

LNP – Always Lancaster letter-to-the-editor | “Ex-Republican unloads on GOP”


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