Wednesday’s news items [street festival; 50+ EXPO; some politics; vaping risks & more] – 9/18/2019

csb legal ad.jpg

Legal notice | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

celebrate columbia

Street Festival on September 20 | This information is at the Columbia Borough School District’w Website. “Celebrate Columbia is sponsored by Manor Church. Manor Church is located at 530 Central Manor Road, just south of Mountville.” 

It’s always about politics | As these comments show: “I knew Folmer was a secret Democrat all along” & “More Republican Family Values.” The comments follow this article about a Lebanon County State Senator on the “falls from grace” list.

50plus expo

Today | Drop by Spooky Nook for the FREE EXPO


The risks | Are the vaping risks real?Futurity

Mint’s worse | Minty vape flavors – contain carcinogensFuturity

That was then & this is now | Budget deficit because of the big GOP spenders Marketwatch

Fractured government | For a close up look at the lack of a central vision and no cohesion, take a look at the Israeli elections. The DIC’s buddy is not faring well. Jerusalem Post

Same-same political parties | “When talking about U.S. foreign policy, Republicans use transparent lies that insult the intelligence of every American. By contrast, Democrats respect their fellow citizens enough to tell more complex lies that sound plausible as long as you don’t think about them for more than three seconds.” Interestingly, this statement from The Intercept mirrors what we’ve been saying.  Time for a cleansing in both of the look-alike primary parties. Let’s introduce ethics into politics.

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