Thursday’s news items [punt to council; straight party; fair affair; & more] – 9/19/2019

straight republican2

“Straight Republicans” | In Lancaster County, perhaps — but in Lebanon County those “straight” Republicans have a situation.

straight republican3

No mention | The only mention at the Pennsylvania Republican Party’s facebook page is from a brave commenter.

Senators speak | Lancaster County’s senators issued this release though: “The crimes in this case are sickening and inexcusable. Due to the serious nature of the offenses and the gravity of the situation, the only appropriate response was for Senator Folmer to resign from the Senate. There is no excuse for the exploitation of children, and there is certainly no place in the Pennsylvania Senate for individuals who commit such heinous crimes.” – from an LNP – Always Lancaster article

Painting brick surfaces | Last night, the Historical Architectural Review Board H.A.R.B. met; on the agenda was the subject of painting brick surfaces on structures in the defined historical district. Following some discussion and testimony from the owner of the property at 135 Bridge Street , the H.A.R.B. referred the ultimate decision of whether the property owner can complete the building painting that was begun and interrupted due to a questioned notification process from a borough staffer. Likely,m that will be an agenda item at the next borough council meeting.

Interestingly, while these listed H.A.R.B. members (Consultant, Suzanne Stallings; Ted Vedock, Architect; Donald Haines, Resident; Jeffrey Helm, Building Inspector; Amy Evans, Resident; Elaine Beckley, Resident; Jonathan Lutz, Resident; Glenn Shaeffer,                Chairperson, Resident; Jeanne Lehmann, Vice Chairperson- Resident) only the consultant, Vedock, Helm, Evans, Beckley and Shaeffer attended last night’s meeting. But there was contingent of other borough personnel in attendance; in that contingent were a police officer, the mayor, the borough manager and the council president.

ephrata fair

Fair affair | It’s that time again, time for Pennsylvania’s largest Street Fair!

“It’s not appropriate.” | Lancaster’s Historical Architectural Review Board takes issue with Lancaster’s Ewell plans.Lancaster Online

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